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The senior management team of “CCAFM” is the first practitioners in their field at the beginning of China’s reform and opening up. They have a deep understanding of the management reform challenges faced with the Chinese enterprises, from the financial accounting systems to strategies, investment, organization, process, marketing, budgets, information, control, incentives, etc. They have provided highly effective professional services for hundreds of enterprises, including a number of state-owned large group enterprises.


Fu Jijun   chairman and general manager 
Ph.D., Senior Economist
Being engaged in economics and consulting industry for more than twenty years, and good at creating value for customers at a highly competitive environment.

Qiu Hongsheng   Executive Director 
Master, Senior Economist
Being engaged in management consulting and corporation restructuring for nearly two decades, completes many large state-owned enterprises’ programs like restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, management consulting, has a wealth of professional knowledges and practical experiences on corporate finance, M & A pricing, strategic integration, and meticulous management, etc.,

Feng Bing   Executive Director 
Has worked for Deloitte Consulting in the United States for eight years, involved in or responsible for a number of famous multinational companies in mergers and acquisitions, business integration, management integration, management information and other consulting projects. Since joining CCAFM in 2002, he has been responsible for the management consulting projects of several large state-owned enterprises, and has a profound understanding of international management concepts and Chinese enterprises management reform.

Sun Jianmin   Executive Director 
MS, Peking University EMBA, Senior Economist, CPV, and a registered real estate appraiser
Being engaged in corporation restructuring, mergers and acquisitions for over ten years, he has taken charge of and complete assets assessment for nearly one hundred A, B, H, N listed companies and dozens of Sino-foreign joint ventures. He has been professionally trained in the United States, Canada, and other places, and has a deep understanding of and extensive practical experiences on corporation restructuring and financial non-performing asset pricing.

Zhou Jun   Executive Director 
Master, Tsinghua University EMBA, Senior Economist, CPV
Since joining CCAFM from the Chinese Academy of Sciences research institutions in early 90s, he has taken charge and complete the assets evaluation and financial consulting projects for hundreds of A, B, H, N shares enterprises in their process of public listing, joint ventures, mergers and restructuring, thus has rich professional knowledge and practical experience in assets restructuring and mergers and acquisitions.

Xie Kunlun   Director and Vice general mana 
Master, Tsinghua University EMBA
Being engaged in enterprise financial management consulting and restructuring financial advisory, asset evaluation, financial investigations for over ten years, he has taken charge of and complete dozens of companies’ budget management, accounting, financial management and control model design, asset values and corporation performance evaluation, and has on a deep understanding of and rich experience on accounting , budget and other financial management in many an industry.

Cheng Jingping   Director and Consulting Direct 
Experts on operation and control
Head of integrated management consulting business operations and control, had taken charge of the consulting projects for dozens of large and medium enterprises.

Liu Jinxiu   Director, Director of Financia 
Master, CPA
Financial Management Specialist
Head of financial management consulting, integrated management consulting business; She has taken charge of consulting projects for dozens of large and medium enterprises.

Bai Geyu   Director, Consulting Director 
Master, CPA
Expert on corporation mergers and acquisitions and capital operation
Has been responsible for over ten large and medium enterprises’ strategic management, capital operation and management consulting projects, involving energy (oil, coal), finance, aerospace and other industries.

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